High Priority Projects

Priority Project Goals Implemented by this Project/Action
Vibrant community and sustainable economy Safe and resilient community High performing organization City Infrastructure
Civic Amenities
Complete and open new community amenities, including the Animal Shelter, Aquatics Center, and Community Center
Complete design and construction of remaining phases of Old Town Plaza
Complete design and construction of Civic Center Nature Area
Kammerer Road:
  • Replace existing 2 lane Kammerer Road from Lotz Parkway to Bruceville Road
  • Extend Kammerer Road from Bruceville Road to I-5
Whitelock Parkway Interchange – complete project design and environmental review
Partner with Caltrans to start construction in 2019 of HOV lanes on I-5 from Elk Grove to downtown Sacramento
Complete Elk Grove Blvd Streetscape Phase 2, School Street to Waterman Road
Adopt ITS Master Plan Update
Adopt Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Master Plan Update
Develop an Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Readiness Plan
Prepare a Mobility Resiliency Plan
Compete the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) early implementation study
Community Development
Complete Railroad Street revitalization project
Update the Old Town Special Planning Area
Facilitate development of vacant commercial land in the western Elk Grove Boulevard corridor (Bruceville to Laguna Springs) including the development of destination retail and lifestyle amenities
Complete Design Guidelines update
Prepare Urban Design Study for Kammerer Road Corridor
Community Safety
Increase city-wide bandwidth capacity to support public safety technology expansion
Complete real-time information center project
Implement enhanced crime analysis system
Continue staff additions in keeping with recommendations from the 2016 Police Department Strategic Staffing Plan
Adopt plan to remove all developed property from 200-year floodplain
City Operations
Complete space needs analysis for City offices and police department
Increase minimum reserve policy in order to respond to opportunities and challenges
Implement the results of the Diversity Audit and Inclusion Strategy
Identify opportunities and implement more efficient and cost effective delivery of Public Works Operations and Maintenance services
Undertake a Smart City Initiative

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