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City officials will be seeking your input on the services and facilities we need as Elk Grove continues to grow. How should we prioritize our public safety services, economic development, infrastructure and transportation systems, parks and facilities, community and senior services, and other community needs? The City continues to evaluate its resources to ensure that we meet these needs. If additional funding is required, let’s explore potential options and solutions together. The City Council has important decisions to make for our future and your input is essential. 

What are YOUR priorities for our City?

What are your priorities for our City?

Please prioritize the following:

Public Safety (rapid police response times, reduce crime, youth crime prevention and gang intervention)
Economic Development (attract and retain local business, create local jobs, workforce development)
Facilities (recreation and service facilities, Children’s Discovery Museum, Cultural & Performing Arts Center, additional Library)
Parks (maintain and enhance local parks)

We want your feedback! Please ask us questions or tell us what you're thinking.


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