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Community Cat Program

The Elk Grove Animal Shelter has a “Community Cat Program” for residents to take advantage of. The Community Cat Program allows residents to bring stray or feral cats to the shelter to be altered. The cats, if feral or unadoptable, will be spayed or neutered (free of charge), have their ear tipped (to help identify cats that have already been altered), and be vaccinated with core vaccines. Once they have been altered a volunteer or staff member will release the cat back to the area from which it came from.

It's important that residents understand the reasons and benefits behind this program rather than the alternative of euthanasia. For starters, cats by nature are very territorial. Generally, within a neighborhood that has cats, residents will notice most of them have their “own spots” or places they tend to hang around, although they can and at times will “patrol” a 1 – 2 block radius. When these established “Community Cats” are removed from the area it creates an opening for a new stray cat to come in and occupy. What ends up happening once the established cats are removed is new unaltered cats take their place and most likely come with the ability to procreate. The neighborhood will see a spike in the number of cats, especially in late winter and early spring. The perceived nuisances of cats are obviously multiplied as the number grows, and they are accompanied by other unwanted behaviors such as mating, fighting, spraying, etc.

The Community Cat Program is here to help residents keep the population from growing and getting out of control. Research has shown the number of cats being received in shelters is far less than what it used to be, with more positive outcomes for the cats (being alive). Additionally, residents who live in areas over-populated with cats, are now experiencing a manageable number of cats within, with a healthier population. The reality is, someone, somewhere is feeding the cats within your area. That person is unlikely to stop feeding them and the cats will not just go away. This program gives residents the ability to help keep the population under control within their areas. The concern of increasing cat populations is not just and Elk Grove problem – it exists throughout our entire country. Responsible approaches to population control such as the Community Cat Program are making a difference. Elk Grove Animal Services is proud to be a resource for the community to help address this issue. Without your support Elk Grove Animal Services could not continue to combat over population within Elk Grove and continue to make a positive impact.

Elk Grove Animal Services offers residents the ability to rent cat traps for $60.00. When the trap is returned on time, residents get their rental fee returned in full. Residents can bring the cat down to the Shelter once it’s contained, where animal services will accept the cat and begin processing it through as a community cat.

Barn Cats

There may be situations where stray or feral cats cannot be returned to the area they were brought in from (i.e. public safety, construction development, injury, etc.) These cats will be placed into our barn cat program. Barn cats offer a great counter to rodents and pests in our rural areas of Elk Grove. These cats come spayed or neutered, have a tipped ear, and are vaccinated. If you or someone you know may benefit from a cat or two contact Elk Grove Animal Services or come on down to the shelter where staff will walk you through the process.

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