Service Request Form

The Code Enforcement Division will process every report received through this form according to department policies. If another agency is responsible for this problem, it will be forwarded to them for handling. To inquire as to the status or your report, please call our program at (916) 687-3023 or email

Service Request Form
Service Request Form
Location of problem:
If this is a building you must include exact address. If this is an open or undeveloped area or no address is visible, please describe the area in detail.
Reporting Party:
Any personal information you provide will not be disclosed during the investigation. However, it will become part of the public record once the investigation is closed and therefore may be subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act.
Phone (Home):
Phone (Work):
Description of problem:
This section should include details about the specific situation you are reporting including the length of time the problem has existed. Reports involving vehicles should include a description and license number. If you are a renter reporting an unsafe or unhealthy housing condition, please include contact information for your landlord or property management company.

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