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Recycling & Waste

COVID-19 Change in service: The following areas are self-service areas and are not sanitized after every use. As a result, using the listed areas will be at your own risk and the City requests that you wear a face covering and ensure six feet of separation from others during use. This applies to:

  • The Reuse Room located at 9255 Disposal Lane
    Current hours: Monday and Tuesday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, residents will be required to wear a face mask prior to being admitted to the Reuse Room, and must bring their own bag.
  • The Recycling Area located at the Special Waste Collection Center (SWCC) 9255 Disposal Lane
  • The medication drop off bin located in the Police Department lobby at 8400 Laguna Palms Way
  • The oil and sharps containers located in City lobby at 8401 Laguna Palms Way

We appreciate your assistance in keeping a safe environment for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I dispose of old or expired medications?
  2. How can I dispose of old paint, CFLs, pool chemicals, etc.?
  3. How can I dispose of an old mattress?
  4. Where can I turn in my bottles and cans for cash?
  5. How can I report illegal dumping in my neighborhood?
  6. My cart is broken (or missing). How do I get a replacement cart?
  7. How do I get rid of large items or large amounts of trash/recycling?
  8. How do I use my annual free dump? 
  9. How do I report a missed pickup?
  10. My property is being sold and my home is vacant. How do I stop service?
  11. I just moved to Elk Grove. How do I start new service? 
  12. What can I recycle?
  13. Who can I hire to haul away some trash from my home?

Contact Information

Service and Billing Inquiries

Republic Services

Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (except major holidays)

  • Need a cart replacement?
  • Have a missed pickup?
  • Need to schedule a bulky waste pickup?
  • Service issues?
  • Have questions about your bill?
  • Need to make a payment?
  • Need to temporarily stop your service?
  • Need to start/stop new service?

(916) 635-2500

Contact Recycling and Waste Staff

Residential Service

Zara Carter
Email or (916) 627-3339

Commercial Service

Christian Punsal
Email or (916) 627-3452

Special Waste Collection Center

Carlos Duque
Email or (916) 627-3229

Organics Program

Traci Goularte
Email or (916) 478-2289

Special Waste Collection Center (SWCC)

9255 Disposal Lane
Elk Grove, California 95624
Phone: (916) 627-3232

Learn more about the SWCC

Hours of Operation


Sunday to Wednesday
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Reuse Room *Temporary Hours 

Monday and Tuesday
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Limited to Elk Grove Residents

Small Businesses

Wednesdays, by appointment only. Call (916) 627-3232 to schedule an appointment.

The facility is closed on all City Holidays.

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