The Outlet Collection at Elk Grove

Outlet collection

On October 8, 2014, the City Council approved a new development plan for the Regional Mall site in the Lent Ranch Special Planning Area.  The Project, referred to as The Outlet Collection at Elk Grove, involves the construction of approximately 775,000 square feet of commercial uses (with up to 689,000 square feet of that being gross leasable area).  This approval restructured the existing approvals for 1,300,000 square feet (with 1,100,000 square feet of that being gross leasable area) that were provided with the Elk Grove Promenade Project (EG-05-878), including the reuse of approximately 332,000 square feet of previously constructed buildings.

Primary, core tenants will be solicited based upon the outlet mall concept, with manufacturer-branded stores selling direct to consumers; however, it will include a number of other shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities, such as a movie theatre and multiple restaurant spaces..  A future Phase 1B is also shown in the site plans along Promenade Parkway; a future Phase 2 area is reserved at the north end of the site.

The Project will utilize much of the existing building shells and continue many of the architectural elements and design features from the 2007 approval. In this way, the proposed Project is seen as an amendment to the existing approvals, rather than a new approval.

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