Capital Improvements

The CIP includes all active projects and those expected to be undertaken during the coming five fiscal years. Specific projects and their scheduled completions were selected based on:

  • Implementation of the City’s General Plan; and
  • Existing traffic patterns and associated improvement needs; and
  • Projected traffic patterns, based on assumptions regarding the quantity and location of expected development; and
  • The need to establish a coherent roadway network, with strategic connections that distribute traffic flows efficiently; and
  • Minimizing disruptions associated with construction activity; and
  • Availability of funding; and
  • City Council direction.

Capital Improvement Program 2019-2024 Capital Improvement Program 2018-2023

High Profile Projects

Kammerer Road Thumbnail Kammerer Road Extension Project JPA Connector Capital SouthEast  Connector Civic Center Civic Center and  Community Park
Sheldon Feasability StudyGrant Line Road - Sheldon Area Precise Roadway Plan Old Town​Old Town Area Improvements
Waterman Rehab
Waterman Road Rehabilitation and Bike Lanes / Bond to Sheldon
Whitelock Interchange Whitelock  Interchange Project

2018 Capital Surveys

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