Goat Grazing Program

Goat Gazing

Elk Grove’s Public Works Crew is getting larger and a little hairier.

Heavy winter rains caused the weeds to grow like crazy, but the City’s new maintenance crew—1,000 goats—are ready to eat away this wildfire risk. Beginning in April, the herd will clear about two to four acres per day addressed in the following sequence:

  • Laguna Creek (approximately 3-4 Weeks)  | View Maps
  • Elk Grove Creek (approximately 2-3 Weeks) | View Maps 
  • Stonebrook  (approximately 1-2 Weeks) | View Maps
  • Franklin Creek (approximately 2-3 Weeks) | View Maps
  • Ehrhardt Channel (1-2 Weeks) | View Maps

Temporary fencing will be installed two days prior to their arrival.
Work for 2018 has been completed.

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