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Quiet Zones

Quiet Zone

The City of Elk Grove has implemented Quiet Zones at following public crossings: Calvine Rd, Sheldon Rd, Elk Grove-Florin Rd, Bond Rd, Elk Grove Blvd, Franklin Blvd,  Bilby Rd and Sims Rd west of Franklin Blvd.  

In a Quiet Zone, railroads have been directed to cease the routine sounding of their horns when approaching public highway-rail grade crossings. Train horns will still be used in emergency situations or to comply with other Federal Railroad Administration regulations and Union Pacific operating rules. 

Once a Quiet Zone is established, however, it does not mean that trains will never sound their locomotive horns. Before completing and sending in a train horn use report, please review the following information.  Although you may hear a train horn, there are many reasons train crews (locomotive engineers and conductors) may sound the horn. If you can see the tracks, from your vantage point you may not perceive a danger, however please note the train crew's view is completely different from yours. 

While traveling through the Quiet Zone crossings, the engineer may sound the horn for any of the following reasons: 

  • The train crew is aware the crossing warning devices (lights, bells and gates) are malfunctioning. 
  • The warning devices are out-of-service for repair, testing, or maintenance.  
  • Railroad or contract employees are working on or near the tracks. 
  • The train crew may sound a warning to animals, vehicle operators, pedestrians, trespassers, crews on other trains, or in the engineer’s sole judgment such action is appropriate in order to prevent imminent injury, death, or property damage. 

If you believe you have heard a possible violation, please report it by selecting the link below.

Quiet Zone Reporting

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