Construction Specifications

The current approved version of the City's Construction Specifications references the 2015 Caltrans Standard Specifications when possible. The Construction Specifications are used by the development industry as well as the City's capital improvement program. Many public agencies reference the Caltrans Standard Specifications since Caltrans dedicates a significant amount of resources to keep their Specifications up-to-date by correcting known deficiencies and/or reflecting current industry practices. In 2015, Caltrans made significant changes to their Standard Specifications.

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Revised Construction Specifications

Section Number Section Title Approval Date
6-16.04, 1-3 Underground Service Alert (USA)
25-5 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement 02/18/2021
27-3.01 Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks, and Drainage Structures 02/18/2021
Signals, Lighting and Electrical Systems 02/26/2021
46 Survey Monuments 03/08/2021
5-9.04 Surveys 03/08/2021
48-3 Placement 06/21/2021
23 Asphalt Concrete 08/18/2021
12-3 Traffic-Handling Equipment 10/12/2021
14-6 Temporary Paving 10/12/2021

Improvement Standards

Improvement StandardsThe City's Improvement Standards provides guidance and design standards primarily for the purpose of helping land developers with their subdivision projects.

The current approved version of the City's Improvement Standards has made significant changes to the ease of use of the document by providing a single searchable document. It also updated numerous outdated requirements that remained from standards that were adopted when the City incorporated in July 2000.

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Revised Improvement Standards

Section Number Section Title Approval Date
5-8.B,5-8.H Street Light Design 02/26/2021
12 Survey Monuments 03/08/2021
2-17,4-8 Utilities, Sight Distances and Visibility Easement at Intersections 06/21/2021
2-12A, 3-7F Record Drawings, Plan Details 08/18/2021

Standard Details and Drawings

Standard Drawings

Standard Details and Drawings are used when the same design or construction feature is used multiple times. It prevents needless re-engineering of common details and allows for consistent and repeatable construction details.

The current approved version of the City's Standard Details and Drawings has deleted numerous drawings because they have become obsolete. Other details or drawings were modified or new ones were created to reflect new requirements and practices.

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Revised Standard Details and Drawings

Section Number Section Title Approval Date
T-2 Traffic 02/04/2021
2021-02 Standard UpdateL25 Landscaping 02/18/2021
SD-13 Storm Drainage 02/18/2021
AR-2.0, AR-3.0, AR-4.3, AR-4.5, AR-4.7, AR-4.8 Accessible Ramps 02/26/2021
D-2 Drafting 02/26/2021
G-1 Grading 02/26/2021
SD-16 Storm Drainage 02/26/2021
ST-20, ST-21B, ST-32 Street Lighting 02/26/2021
T-6A, T-9A Traffic 02/26/2021
SD-9 Storm Drainage 02/26/2021
SL-3, SL-7,
SL-8, SL-9,
SL-20, SL-22, SL-30, SL-31, SL-40, SL-42, SL-46
Street Lighting 02/26/2021
T-21, T-22 Traffic 06/21/2021
ST-13, ST-14A, ST-14B, ST-15A, ST-15B, T-7 Streets, Traffic 07/30/2021
ST-25,ST26.1 Streets 08/18/2021
T-3, T-4 Traffic 08/18/2021

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