Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Section of the Public Works Department facilitates the safe and efficient movement of traffic within the city by applying state-of-the-art traffic and transportation engineering technology and methods.

We strive to optimize the traffic flow on arterial streets; enhance roadway, neighborhood and school zone safety; and improve traffic management citywide.

Through the implementation and maintenance of traffic tools and measures, we are able to improve roadway conditions, maximize intersection operation, heighten driver awareness, and increase public safety.

Learn more about our speed control program.

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Traffic Congestion

Addressing traffic congestion on city streets is a priority for Elk Grove.  The City has developed a fact sheet  and Traffic Congestion Management Plan to summarize completed actions, ongoing activities, as well as proposed future solutions that City staff is actively working on to help alleviate traffic.  If you have questions regarding traffic congestion, please contact our Public Works Department at (916)478-2256.

Speed Limits

Speed Limit Brochure

Cities and Counties in California are required to follow the California Vehicle Code (CVC), primarily Sections 22357 and 22358, to establish speed limits within their jurisdictions. The law requires speed limits to be set by ordinance on the basis of an engineering and traffic survey.  Following the CVC requirements allows local law enforcement to use radar equipment to enforce the speed limit. For additional information regarding establishing new speed limits in the City please refer to the About Speed Limits brochure.

Below is a Speed Zone Map showing the established speed limits throughout the city. Residential speed limits are not shown.

Speed Zone Map
Traffic Management Center

Traffic Management Center

Staff at the Traffic Management Center monitors live video of major intersections and roadways.

Information gained from monitoring traffic is used to optimize traffic flow by adjusting signal timing. Traffic tools allow us to improve roadway conditions and maximize intersection operations.

Monitoring traffic also allows us to rapidly respond to incidents as they occur.

Moving traffic


Intersections are monitored to observe traffic flow and allow real-time signal timing alterations.

Additional Traffic Tools

Roundabouts and Traffic Circles


Roundabouts and traffic circles are becoming a fixture in our community. Many people know what they are, but may not know how to use them. Below are web links to informational videos from other jurisdictions that will help you understand safe movement while using a roundabout.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Services Division, Traffic Section at 916-478-2256.

Additional Educational Information:

Railroad Crossings

Railroad Crossings

Railroad crossings are monitored for stopped trains and proper train movement.

Signal Synchronization

Signal Synchronization

Traffic signals along major routes are timed to give priority to the traffic flow on the major street.

Read more on Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Signal Synchronization in Elk Grove.


Man maintaining a signal box

Traffic Signal Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance is responsible for traffic signal maintenance at city intersections. To report signal problems please contact (916) 687-3005.


Crosswalk Display

New City standards call for pedestrian countdown displays which have been installed at over 100 intersections, increasing pedestrian safety and understanding.

Neighborhood Traffic Management

Neighborhood Traffic Management

The City of Elk Grove wants to ensure our streets and neighborhoods are safe and has adopted a speed control program to allow residents to work with city staff to address speeding in your neighborhood. There are many traffic calming tools to select from that help reduce speeds on neighborhood streets. City staff reviews those tools and helps neighbors select the appropriate calming technique.

Read more on the City’s Speed Control Program


Elk Grove Creek Trail

Bike Program

The City of Elk Grove’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was adopted on July, 2004. The master plan provides a blue print for bicycle transportation and recreation in the City of Elk Grove and seeks to enhance and expand the existing bikeway network, connect gaps, address constrained areas and improve intersections, provide for local and regional connectivity, and encourage even more residents to bicycle.

Read more on the Elk Grove Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Master Plan.

Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

The Autonomous/Connected Vehicle (CAV) Readiness Plan will help Elk Grove prepare for the future arrival of automated and connected vehicles operating on city streets.  This plan provides an overview of CAV technologies, including estimates of when CAVs may become commercially available; identifies the potential effects (both positive and negative) of CAVs on the City and it's infrastructure; and proposes strategies the City may consider using to leverage the opportunities and/or face the challenges that come with CAV implementation.

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