Old Town Elk Grove

Old Town Elk Grove is the heart of our community, a unique treasure with many buildings dating back to the 1800s. The City made improvements to beautify and upgrade the area. There are streetscape improvements and beautification measures designed to attract pedestrians and shoppers and enhance pedestrian safety and traffic circulation. The improvements will boost the economic vitality and attractiveness of Old Town Elk Grove while preserving the area’s unique character and history.

Rent the Old Town Plaza

The Old Town Plaza is an outdoor open-air plaza located at the southeast corner of Elk Grove Boulevard and Railroad Street. The site can be rented for a nominal fee to host community events, art/craft/antique fairs, exhibitions, festivals, etc. For more information on using the site, and a copy of the reservation request form, please see below:

Rent the Old Town Plaza

Old Town Area Improvements

The City of Elk Grove has several projects planned and in design in the Old Town Area. These projects will include street improvements, the addition of bike lanes, utility undergrounding, utility extensions, sidewalks, drainage improvements, parking lot improvements and continued improvements to the Old Town Plaza site at the corner of Elk Grove Boulevard and Railroad Street. The purpose of these projects is to create a sense of community by providing improvements to access and circulation for those walking, biking, riding transit and taking rideshare, and for those needing a place to park to spend some time in Old Town Elk Grove. The City wants to create opportunities to gather in the Old Town area in order to improve the economic vitality of Old Town. Our hope is that we will create a place where people want to go to spend their time. The three main projects (Railroad Street Improvements, Old Town Plaza Phase 2/3 Improvements and Old Town Streetscape Phase 2) are all City Council priority projects and will help the City meet the Council’s 2019-2021 Goals.

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