Bring Them Home

Bring Them Home 

Help us bring them home with a license and microchip.

Each year, millions of animals enter shelters all over the United States. Only a small percentage of these animals are fortunate enough to be reunited with their owners. Independent studies and research have shown more lost pets are reunited with their families when they are found wearing identification and have been microchipped. 

For those pets who enter the shelter with no identification including a microchip, their chances of reuniting with their families decrease drastically. As a result, these animals are left to sit in either cages or kennels to await their fate. A few will be adopted, enter a foster care program, or placed with a rescue organization if they are lucky. However the remaining are at risk of being humanely destroyed because no one came forward to either claim or adopt them.

Until There Are None

Elk Grove Police Animal Control staff is dedicated to reducing the number of animals entering our shelter through our “Bring Them Home” campaign. Every lost pet that is found by Animal Control staff will be returned back home, as long as it is wearing a license or has a microchip. You can help us achieve our goal in making a difference by doing the following:
License your pet with the City of Elk Grove.
Have your pet microchip. 
Keep updated photos of all your pets as well as veterinarian records. If you are ever required to provide proof of ownership, these items will do so.
If you move or change your phone number call us and let us know. A license and microchip only work if the information on hand is correct.
Provide us with several emergency contacts. If you are unavailable who can we call? Having a backup plan for your pet helps.