Background Report

The General Plan Background Report is a supporting document to the Elk Grove General Plan, providing information on a wide range of topics which describe the physical and socioeconomic characteristics of the city and the planning area.  The Background Report does not contain policies; it is solely intended to provide information to assist in the implementation of policies in the General Plan.

As new information becomes available, or as conditions change, the Background Report will be updated to remain accurate and useful.  For information on impacts related to the development of Elk Grove, please refer to the General Plan Environmental Impact Report.

Elk Grove General Plan Background Report
Title Page

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Figure 1-1
Figure 1-2

Chapter 2 - Air Quality
Chapter 3 - Land Use
Figure 3-1
Chapter 4 - Noise
Figure 4-1
Figure 4-3
Figure 4-6
Chapter 5 - Biological Resources
Figure 5-1
Chapter 6 - Geology
Chapter 7 - Historic Resources
Chapter 8 - Hydrology
Figure 8-1
Figure 8-2
Figure 8-3
Figure 8-4
Chapter 9 - Hazards and Safety
Figure 9-1
Chapter 10 - Circulation
Figure 10-1
Figure 10-2
Figure 10-3
Figure 10-4
Chapter 11 - Public Services
Figure 11-1
Figure 11-2
Figure 11-3
Figure 11-4
Chapter 12 - Visual Resources
Chapter 13 - References
Appendices (*)
A: Sacramento Area Regional Ozone Attainment Plan
B: Franklin Field Comprehensive Land Use Plan
B: Sunset Sky Rancho Airport Comprehensive Land Use Plan
C: Background Report on Paleontological Resources
C: Old Town Historic District Map
C: Old Town Special Planning Area
D: NPDES Waste Discharge Requirements

D: Zone 40 Water Supply Master Plan

Color Figures:

Figure 1-1
Figure 1-2
Figure 1-3
Figure 2-1
Figure 2-2

Figure 2-3
Figure 3-1
Figure 6-1
Figure 6-2
Figure 6-3

E: CSD-1 Sewer Facilities Master Plan

Figure 1-1
Figure 1-2
Figure 2-1
Figure 2-2
Figure 2-3
Figure 3-3
Figure 3-6
Figure 3-7
Figure 4-1
Figure 4-2
Figure 5-1a
Figure 5-1b
Figure 5-2a
Figure 5-2b
Figure 5-3a
Figure 5-3b
Figure 5-4a
Figure 5-4b

Figure 5-5a
Figure 5-5b
Figure 5-6a
Figure 5-6b
Figure 5-7a
Figure 5-7b
Figure 5-8
Figure 5-9
Figure 5-10
Figure 5-11
Figure 5-12
Figure 5-13
Figure 5-14
Figure 6-1
Figure 6-2
Figure 6-3
Figure 7-2

E: Elk Grove CSD Fire Department Master Plan
E: Elk Grove CSD Parks Master Plan
E: Elk Grove Unified School District School Facilities Master Plan, 2002-2010
E:  Elk Grove Unified School District School Facilities Master Plan Amendment, 1998-2010

(*)  Master plans and other documents which are prepared and adopted by other agencies are provided here for the convenience of the reader, or because digital versions are not available.  In most cases, these digital versions have been prepared from the most up-to-date copies available to the City of Elk Grove.  These resources will be updated as necessary, but the reader may wish to contact each agency to ensure the accuracy of information.

Note: Some figures are provided separately to reduce download times for the chapters.

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