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Mandatory Service Requirement

Municipal Code Title 30, section 3.20.010

A. Except as otherwise provided in this Title, every person owning or occupying residential property within the City limits shall utilize the solid waste collection and transportation services of the franchised hauler authorized by the City, and shall pay the fees for those services as set by the City. The City may cause to be removed, at the expense of the owner or occupier of any premises, any solid waste not collected due to the failure or refusal of the owner or occupier of the premises to arrange or pay for the contractor’s services.

B. Residential complexes that do not allow for adequate space to collect materials may not be offered the same service level provided to residents under the franchise agreement with the City’s franchised hauler. For example, at a high density development, should the available spacing for cart placement be less than the required three feet (3’0”) between each cart and three feet (3’0”) away from any car or stationary object, residents of the complex may not be allowed a second cart for greenwaste or recycling and will still be required to pay the normal residential service rates as set by Resolution.

City of Elk Grove Service Interruption Policy and Procedures Effective: October 14, 2013

Refuse service is mandatory for all residential parcels within the City of Elk Grove and service cannot be stopped; however, a service interruption may be temporarily approved to accommodate an extended vacancy or other circumstance.

Approved service interruptions are valid for a minimum of eight (8) weeks and up to a maximum of one year and are subject to renewal each year. An approved service interruption is only valid for the current owner of a parcel and is not transferable. An approved exemption only applies to residential solid waste and recycling charges. It does not exempt a property from storm drainage or Household Hazardous Waste Availability Fees.

If a resident using garbage and recycling services provided by the City’s contracted solid waste service provider (currently Republic Services of North America, LLC) desires to temporarily interrupt such services by reason that a vacancy exists or will exist, a Service Interruption for non-use of garbage and recycling services may be granted upon all of the following conditions:

  1. Resident is the legal owner or management association acting as the owner's legal representative; AND
  2. Resident contacts the Utility Billing Department during or in advance of the vacancy and requests that service be interrupted; AND
  3. Delinquent utility bill and service interruption fee are paid in full prior to the granting of any interruption; AND
  4. Resident agrees to pay an on-going fee for storm drainage and/or household hazardous waste availability fees; AND
  5. Resident provides the City with the end date of the vacancy period at the time of the application. An end date is required, except in the instance of a foreclosure or short sale situation. In these instances, the City will resume services no later than one year from the application date; AND
  6. Any account holding resident may reactivate his/her service at any time at no cost.  If during the period of the service interruption, the property legally changes ownership there is no cost associated with modifying the service account; AND
  7. Service interruption requests for properties that are unoccupied properties for rent will not be approved for a Service Interruption; AND
  8. Should the property generate green waste materials, the property owner must ensure that the green waste material is being removed from the property during the vacancy period; AND
  9. Properties that are either in a foreclosure, short sale, or on the market for sale and are vacant.
  10. Distressed property: Properties where a structure may be deemed uninhabitable in instances of fire, water infestation, vandalism or other types of damage that cause health and safety issues.
  11. Unusual Circumstances: The City Manager or Director of Finance may grant a service interruption in instances not anticipated by this policy in which a property is vacant or anticipated to be vacant for 8 weeks or more.


  1. Do not place your carts at the curb for pick-up unless advised by the Utility Billing Department to do so.
  2. Carts should be secured in a garage or behind a locked gate to prevent others from using your carts and inadvertently reinstating your service.

How to request a Service Interruption

Requests for Service Interruptions can be made in the following ways:

  • By Phone:  Call Utility Billing 916-478-3642
  • In Person:

    City of Elk Grove
    Cashiers Department
    8401 Laguna Palms Way
    Elk Grove, CA 95758


To ensure that the service interruption program does not create a greater cost burden for the City, a cost recovery fee of $35.70 has been adopted per Resolution #2013-170.  The fee is reflective of the cost to the city to provide the service.   The $35.70 fee, along with any current delinquent amount, must be paid before the service interruption will be approved.  Payment will be accepted via credit card over the phone at (916) 478-3642, or in person via cash, check or credit card at our office located at 8401 Laguna Palms Way.

The $35.70 fee is not a refundable fee.

Retroactive Requests

Service interruptions are not retroactiveAny request for a retroactive service interruption shall be denied and the service interruption will apply prospectively from the date the request for service interruption is placed with Utility Billing.

Periodic Inspections

The City reserves the right to periodically inspect the premises to determine that a permissible cause for service interruption exists.  Upon inspection of the premises, if it is determined that a permissible cause for service interruption does not exist, initiation of solid waste and recycling services will commence. Charges for garbage and recycling services will apply from the inspection date. If after a service interruption has been instituted and the resident places refuse, recycling or green waste carts out on the curb for servicing by the City’s contracted solid waste provider, the City will immediately recommence billing for services.

If the City of Elk Grove Code Enforcement Division determines that a Code violation has occurred because a specific property's trash or yard debris is creating a nuisance or threatening public health, any approved service interruption request will be immediately rescinded, trash carts will be delivered, and billing will resume in accordance with the terms in effect prior to the commencement of the service interruption.

Non Interruptible Service Charges

A service interruption cannot be allowed for storm drainage or Household Hazardous Waste Availability Fees. These charges continue while any account is on service interruption status.

Garbage Collection Exemption

A customer may apply for a garbage collection exemption by submitting a completed “Request for Garbage Collection Exemption” form along with all applicable supporting documentation to the Waste & Recycling Department.  Within thirty (30) days of receipt of a completed application, City staff will review and approve or deny the application, according to the terms of the Garbage Collection Exemption Policy.  Until the owner receives notification that the City has approved the exemption application, the owner of record will remain liable to pay City for garbage collection services and any delinquent fees. The City may inspect the property periodically to ensure compliance with the exemption criteria.

There are three exemptions categories:  Secondary structure, Self-haul, and Other.

(1) Secondary Structure Exemptions:

Owners of residential parcels bearing more than one (1) residential structure may request to exempt the secondary structure from City garbage collection service charges provided the following criteria is met:

  • Legal property owner must reside on property and the property must subscribe to the normal trash service level.
  • The secondary structure must be located on the same parcel as the primary structure, must be detached from the primary structure, must have a permanent foundation, and must be less than one thousand square feet (1,000 ft2) in area.

(2) Self-haul Exemptions:

Owners may qualify to collect or haul refuse by means other than the City-provided services if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • Any person entitled to self-haul their solid waste may remove or may cause to be removed from premises occupied by that person or under their control, such solid waste as is created or produced on such premises upon compliance with the provisions of this Section.
  • Only the owner or occupant, or the employees of such owner or occupant, shall make such removal.
  • All vehicles used in carrying out such removal shall be owned by, or under the exclusive control of, the owner or occupant, and such vehicles and activities shall meet all the requirements of this Chapter and all other laws and ordinances of the State of California and the City relating to solid waste disposal.
  • The following additional requirements shall also apply:
    • Weekly receipts from a permitted solid waste disposal facility must be provided to the City’s Utility Billing Department on a quarterly basis as proof of proper disposal.
    • No waste shall be permitted to leak, blow, litter or fall from any vehicle engaged in such removal.
    • Any person using a self-haul garbage exemption shall dispose of the garbage at a permitted transfer station or solid waste facility.
    • Self haul deposit: A cash security deposit shall be deposited with the City in an amount set from time to time by Council resolution, to ensure prompt removal of solid waste in the event it is not removed from the premises on a regular weekly basis by a non-customer owner or person in control of the premises. The security deposit shall be made for each separate residential property or business location owned or controlled by a non-customer, based on the frequency and volume of past collection. Events requiring City to use a non-customer’s deposit for solid waste removal shall be treated as a public nuisance subject to immediate abatement and charged to such non-customer. Conduct requiring City to expend non-customer deposit moneys shall constitute a misdemeanor.
    • Any person using the self-haul exemption engaged in solid waste removal, shall procure and retain a receipt from a permitted solid waste facility for each week they remain a non-customer of a collector and display all such receipts for the preceding one-quarter calendar year upon reasonable request by the City Manager. Failure to show proof of solid waste disposal for each week that a person is a non-customer shall constitute a public health and safety risk sufficient to permit the City to administratively require such person to become a customer.
    • It shall be unlawful for any person using the self-haul exemption to collect or transport solid waste for any other person.

(3) Other exemptions may be made for the following reasons:

  • The customer has contracted with an authorized commercial hauler or franchised commercial hauler.
  • Such other exemptions as may be granted by the City Council by resolution.

Garbage Collection Exemption Policies

Title: Garbage Collection Exemption Policies and Procedures
Effective Date: July 1, 2010

To apply for a self-haul or secondary structure garbage exemption, click here.


To provide guidelines that set forth the application and staff review for obtaining a residential garbage collection exemption in the City of Elk Grove as described in the Elk Grove Municipal Code, Title 30, Section 30.20.020. Exemptions are intended to accommodate the following situations: (1) secondary structure on a primary parcel and; (2) self-hauling.

Approved exemptions are valid for one year and are subject to renewal each year. An approved exemption is only valid for the current owner of a parcel and is not transferable.

An approved exemption only applies to residential solid waste charges. It does not exempt a property from storm drainage or Household Hazardous Waste Availability Fees.

Application Process:

A resident wishing to apply for a garbage collection exemption must complete the form entitled "Request for Garbage Collection Exemption" which can be obtained from the Utility Billing Department, and submit the completed form, with all required attachments, to the Utility Billing Manager, 8401 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758.


If the City of Elk Grove's Community Enhancement Division determines that a Code violation has occurred because a specific property's trash or yard debris is creating a nuisance or threatening public health, any approved Garbage Exemption request will be immediately rescinded, trash carts will be delivered, and billing will commence in accordance with the terms prior to the exemption approval.

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