Map Revisions

As part of the Zoning Consistency Project, the City is making a range of revisions to the Zoning Map.  The Zoning map is the visual illustration of the distribution of land uses.  By law, the Zoning Map must be consistent with the General Plan Land Use Map, which is being updated as part of the General Plan Update.  Consistency is determined based upon the matrix below.
The City is preparing an interactive map viewer, which will show the proposed changes to the Zoning Map.  You will be able to use this viewer to search for a property by address or assessor’s parcel number (APN), or you can pan around the map.  This interactive map will be available soon.   


General Plan - Zoning Consistency Matrix

Land Use Designation

Consistent Zoning District(s)a

Commercial and Employment Land Use Designations

Community Commercial (CC)

LC, Limited Commercial

GC, General Commercial

Regional Commercial (RC)

AC, Auto Commercial

SC, Shopping Center

Employment Center (EC)

BP, Business and Professional Office

MP, Industrial-Office Park

Light Industrial/Flex (LI/F)

LI/F, Light Industrial/Flexb

Light Industrial (LI)

MP, Industrial-Office Park

LI, Light Industrial

Heavy Industrial (HI)

HI, Heavy Industrial

Mixed Use Land Use Designations

Mixed Use Village Center (VCMU)

VCMU, Village Center Mixed Useb

Residential Mixed Use (RMU)

RMU, Residential Mixed Useb

Public/Quasi-Public and Open Space Land Use Designations

Parks and Opens Space (P/OS)

O, Open Space Land Use

C-O, Commercial Recreation

Resource Management and Conservation (RMC)

O, Open Space Land Use

Public Services (PS)

Any zoning

Residential Land Use Designations

Rural Residential (RR)

AR-10, Agricultural Residential

AR-5, Agricultural Residential

AR-2, Agricultural Residential

Estate Residential (ER)

AR-1, Agricultural Residential

RD-1, Very Low Density Residential

RD-2, Very Low Density Residential

RD-3, Very Low Density Residential

RD-4, Low Density Residential

Low Density Residential (LDR)

RD-4, Low Density Residential

RD-5, Low Density Residential

RD-6, Low Density Residential

RD-7, Low Density Residential

Medium Density Residential (MDR)

RD-10, Medium Density Residential

RD-15, Medium Density Residential

High Density Residential (HDR)

RD-20, High Density Residential

RD-25, High Density Residential

RD-30, High Density Residential

Other Land Use Designations

Agriculture (AG)

AR-10, Agricultural Residential

AG-20, Agricultural

AG-80, Agricultural

Study Area (SA)

AR-5, Agricultural Residential

AR-10, Agricultural Residential

AG-20, Agricultural

AG-80, Agricultural

Tribal Trust Lands (TTL)

Exempt from local regulations

  1. Special Purpose Zoning Districts including SP (Specific Plan), SPA (Special Planning Area), and RM-1 (Mobile Home) may be considered consistent zones with any of the land use designations.
  2. New district being established with the General Plan-Zoning Consistency Program.


For more information about the Zoning Consistency Program, or for questions about a proposed rezoning, please contact: 
Christopher Jordan, AICP 
Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation 

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