Design Guidelines for Trash and Recycling

The Space Allocation and Enclosure Design Guidelines for Trash and Recycling (DGTR) provide recycling and waste collection requirements for all developments in the City.  Integrated collection areas with recycling components assist in the reduction of waste materials, thereby prolonging the life of landfills and promoting environmentally-sound practices, and help the City meet State-mandated recycling requirements.

The DGTR provides information and resources for designing trash and recycling sites that will be used by building occupants in new developments or significant remodels.  Conventional recycling and greenwaste recycling must be designed into the site along with the trash capacity.  Assembly Bill 1327, the “California Solid Waste Reuse and Recycling Access Act of 1991,” requires new commercial and multi-family developments of 5 units or more, or improvements that add 30% or more to the existing floor area, to include adequate, accessible, and convenient areas for collecting and loading recyclable materials.

Waste disposal and recycling must be well planned in conjunction with the City and the waste hauler.

Each applicant for a land use permit is required to develop and submit an Integrated Waste Management Plan as part of the permit process.

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