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The Elk Grove General Plan Update

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The City of Elk Grove is updating its General Plan, which lays out the community vision for the future of the City and sets a road map to get us there. It is the primary governing document that will determine future jobs, housing, and growth in our community.  Since the current General Plan was adopted in 2003, the City has grown and changed considerably. Now is the time for an update.

Beginning in July 2015, the City has been engaging the community through a series of events and online workshops to arrive at a draft plan for the future. Below is a list of some of those activities.  Details about these can be found on the Resources page.
  • Citizen’s Planning Academy
  • Focus Groups
  • Mobile Workshops
  • Visioning Charrette
  • Topic Workshops
  • Issues and Considerations Papers
  • Online Workshop, Listening Sessions and Map – Potential Areas of Change
  • Online Workshop and Listening Sessions – Draft Alternatives for Land Use and Circulation
  • City Council and Planning Commission Presentations
  • Policy Topic Papers

As of August 2016, staff is working on developing a new draft land use plan for the City, as well as some key policies.  The objective is to bring these materials to the City Council and Planning Commission for review and direction so that the balance of the General Plan can be prepared. Details about the upcoming presentation of these materials will be identified soon. 

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