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Service Learning Grant

service learning grant

Each school year, two separate grants in the amount of $1,500.00 each will be available to any school, class/teacher, school organization or school sponsored program that focuses on waste reduction.  However, because funding is made possible by the City of Elk Grove through rate payer dollars, funding is limited to programs within the city limits of Elk Grove.

The Service Learning grant will be awarded to projects that fulfill a community need related to waste reduction and/or reuse and recycling.   Teachers and staff wishing to apply for funds must complete this application and adhere to the guidelines below. The link below will provide a thorough explanation of service leaning, project ideas, and ideas for student reflections.

  • The Community Service Learning Grant – $1,500.00* will be awarded annually to any project that focuses on waste reduction within the residential sector (e.g. projects that target families, students, parents, etc.).
  • The Business Service Learning Grant – $1,500.00* will be awarded annually to any project that focuses on waste reduction within the business sector (e.g. projects that target local businesses, their employees, schools, non-profits, etc.).

*including shipping and tax. 

A project that targets both the residential and business sectors may apply for both grants but a separate application must be submitted for each grant.


  • Applications due by December 1st
  • Funds must be spent by June 30th

Additional Information

  • Click here for a list of sample projects and how funds may be used.  These are samples only and grant awards will not be limited to these examples.  Any new and forward thinking projects that foster waste reduction will be considered.

Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) Grant Requirements

The following requirements are provided by the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD). Teachers or staff are required to follow a flow chart and complete a one page EGUSD grant routing form for each grant proposal. When grant funds are received the check will be made payable to the Elk Grove Unified School District and sent to the specified school with an explanation in the memo about how the funds are meant to be spent and by which staff member.

The flow chart and the grant routing form can be found here or on the EGUSD website.

Please be aware that requirements are subject to change.  Check the districts website for updated rules.


Service Learning Grant
Service Learning Grant Application
Grant Applying For: 
Grade Level or Program Name:
Requestors Name:
Title of Project:
Please provide a brief description of your service learning project and how it relates to waste education and/or recycling: 
Description of Community Need:

Would you be willing to provide pictures and obtain photo and/or video releases from the parents of the service learning experience? 

Have you received funding for this or other projects in the past?
Amount of funds requested (Max $1500.00):
Breakdown of Projected Fun Usage (not to exceed $1500.00 including shipping and tax):

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