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Code Enforcement

Frequently Asked Questions

About Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officers work in close association with the Elk Grove Police Department, Planning, Building and Public Works Departments and other local agencies to maintain high community standards and address violations of the Elk Grove Municipal Code. Through enforcement of these ordinances and with community awareness and involvement, Elk Grove will continue to be a place everyone feels proud to call home.

Did you know that our Code Enforcement team resolves 80% of issues reported by simply educating citizens about existing laws and standards?

What doesn't Code Enforcement handle?

  • Emergency situations that threaten human life or property and demand immediate attention, Call 911
  • Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R) violations
  • Private disputes between neighbors
  • Situations which are not specifically addressed in the Elk Grove Municipal Code

Contact Information

Contact Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement Request Line
Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Closed City Holidays
(916) 687-3023
After Hours Elk Grove Police Non-Emergency Number (916) 714-5115
Ryan Huber, (916) 687-3094 Carleen Kirkpatrick, (916) 687-3098
Cathy Lantsberger, (916) 687-3037 Eric Pennington, (916) 687-3037
Ana Solis, (916) 687-3008 Jeff Weiler, (916) 687-3066
Rosa Tapia, (916) 687-3022
Code Enforcement Manager

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