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15 minutes as many laps as possible

Team: Alternate between team as many times as you want, any way you want for 15 minutes. You must accumulate as many laps as possible. Only 3 of the 4 athletes have to participate in the swim workout.

Individual: As many laps as possible


Team: All 4 athletes must run the Elk Grove park loop. The combined time of all 4 athletes is your teams score.

Individual: Run the Elk Grove park loop for time.


3 Rep Max Thruster 10 minute time cap

Team: You have 10 minutes to have all 4 athletes acquire a 3 rep max thruster. The score will be heaviest successful lifts from all 4 athletes added together for a team total.

Individual: You have 10 minutes to build up to a 3 rep max thruster

Obstacle Course

Team: All 4 athletes will complete the obstacle course individually. All 4 times will be added together to create the teams score.

Individual: Complete the obstacle course once for time.


Work Out Heats


In the event of a tie, the team with the most 1st place finishes will be the winner. If teams with the most 1st place finishes are tied, winner will be whoever completed the floater run the fastest.

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