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Multi-Sport Complex Site and Southeast Grant Line Industrial Annexation Area

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In 2014, the City acquired an approximately 100-acre property along the south side of Grant Line Road near Waterman Road for the possible development of a multi-sport park complex and accompanying soccer stadium, along with potential location for the County Fair.  After further review, the project was adjusted to focus solely on a complex for long-field sports (e.g., soccer, rugby, lacrosse), including training and tournament play. Initial planning for the Multi-Sport Complex design began in 2015.  As of 2020, the City has not approved the Multi-Sport Complex project and the City Council has not directed City staff to move forward with such a project due to concerns about project development and operating costs. Therefore, the City is exploring options for the site, including selling a portion to finance construction of the complex while also generating jobs, taxes, and capital investment for the City.

Given the location of the site outside of the current City limits, the City is completing the necessary steps to annex the land. The process for a city to annex land is subject to approval by the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission, or LAFCo, and involves two steps. First, the area must be included in the City’s Sphere of Influence, or SOI. Second, after the City identifies the zoning for the property, it may be annexed. In May 2019, LAFCo completed the first step of amending the City’s SOI to include the property. More information about the SOI approvals is available here

At the request of LAFCo and others, the City included other lands to the east, west, and south in the Sphere of Influence amendment (see figure above). Because of the configuration of these lands, their proximity to State Route 99 and the east-side railroad tracks, and other nearby uses, the City is focusing on the development of an industrial park in this area, which could include recreational amenities such as a multi-port complex if funds for such a project were available and the City Council directed staff to construct, own, and operate such a facility. 

Annexation is anticipated to occur in two phases, with the first phase including the City property and adjoining lands to the west.  A second phase would include lands to the east of the City property.  This phasing is necessary because the Phase 2 properties are currently in Williamson Act and the property owners currently have no plans to terminate those agreements. 

The City is working on completing the elements necessary to annex the SOI into the City. This includes the following, which are described in more detail below.

  • Identifying proposed General Plan and zoning for the area
  • Completing infrastructure analysis for serving the area
  • Preparing a Plan for Service
  • Completing the necessary environmental reviews under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

Upcoming Public Hearings

The City Council completed the approvals for the General Plan amendment, Specific Plan adoption, and rezoning on January 27, 2021.  The materials have been forwarded to LAFCo for Phase 1 annexation.  A hearing date for LAFCo has not been set.

General Plan, Specific Plan, and Zoning

The Multi-Sport Complex as a land use may be developed in several zoning districts, including Parks and Open Space and Industrial. Due to the cost of constructing this facility, the City is exploring selling a portion of the site. Therefore, the City is studying zoning the City property as Light Industrial. Other lands to the west would be zoned Light and Heavy Industrial and Regional Commercial. 

Pursuant to City General Plan policy, a Specific Plan has been prepared for the entirety of the Project area.  The Specific Plan establishes a framework for future development of the Project area, including further discussion on the land plan and how it is implemented through zoning, and the infrastructure and public services necessary to serve future development infrastructure.  The Specific Plan applies to the entirety of the Project area (in keeping with the intent of the LAFCo conditions on the SOIA to consider the entirety of the Project area), but would only be effective on the territory approved for annexation.  The Specific Plan also incorporates information from the Plan for Services and Public Facilities Financing Plan.

A Market Analysis, focusing on potential industrial development, has also been prepared for the Project.  This is required both under City General Plan policy and as a condition of approval by LAFCo.  

Infrastructure Analysis

The City is completing studies for water, sewer, drainage, and transportation infrastructure to serve the area. These studies consider the full infrastructure needs of the entire SOI area (both Phase 1 and Phase 2 annexations). This approach is in keeping with the intent of the SOI Amendment conditions of approval as approved by LAFCo.

Plan for Service and Public Facilities Financing Plan

A Plan for Service and Public Facilities Financing Plan is a required component of an annexation application to LAFCo.  It provides information to assist LAFCo in determining whether public services provided to the affected territory can be reasonably provided, constructed, maintained, and financed.  A draft of the Plan for Service and Public Facilities Financing Plan has been prepared for review and comment by affected agencies and the public.  

Environmental Review


Approval of the Sphere of Influence in 2019 required the preparation of a Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Because of the planned zoning, Specific Plan, and additional details available in the infrastructure analysis, a Supplemental EIR is required.

There are four general stages to the CEQA process and the Supplemental EIR: 

  1. Notice of Preparation and Scoping - Under this stage, the City provides notice (through a Notice of Preparation) that a Supplemental EIR will be prepared. This provides other local and State agencies, as well as the public, with an opportunity to comment on the scope of the EIR.
  2. Draft SEIR - The City will prepare and release for public comment, a draft Supplemental EIR. The EIR will be available on this page for review and comment.
  3. Final SEIR - The City will review comments received on the draft Supplemental EIR and prepare responses to comments, along with technical corrections to the draft Supplemental EIR. This will be documented in a Final EIR.
  4. Certification - Once the Final Supplemental EIR is prepared, the document will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council for review. The City Council will be asked to certify the document. Once certification is completed the City Council may approve the General Plan amendment, prezoning, and initiate the annexation application with LAFCo. 

Status and Document

The Supplemental EIR was certified by the City Council on January 27, 2021.  Both the Draft and Final SEIR documents are available for review at the links below.

Draft SEIR

Final SEIR

The City has also prepared a Updated Baseline Biological Resources Report. This Report is required as a mitigation measure to the 2019 EIR and LAFCo approvals on the SOI Amendment.


For more information on the Multi-Sports Park Complex and the Southeast Grant Line Industrial Annexation Area, contact:

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