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General Plan/Zoning Consistency Program

In implementation of the City’s new General Plan , the City is making a series of amendments to its Zoning Code and other portions of the Municipal Code.  The Zoning Consistency Program is intended to provide consistency between the Municipal Code and the General Plan.

Zoning is the regulation of land use and development standards (e.g., building setback and height, parking, landscaping, signage).  To accomplish this, the Zoning Code divides the City into a series of zones, which are illustrated on the Zoning Map.  The Municipal Code is the book of laws and regulations adopted by the City.  In accordance with State law it must be consistent with the City’s General Plan.

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The Zoning Consistency Program is occurring over three phases.

  • Phase 1 was completed in spring 2019 immediately following adoption of the General Plan.  This update included the creation of several new zoning districts, including the VCMU, RMU, Parks and Recreation, and Public Services.  Comprehensive updates to several Special Planning Areas were also completed.  This phase also included major rezonings (zoning map amendments) to align with the new General Plan and these new districts.
  • Phase 2 was completed in late 2019 and focused on additional zoning text amendments.  It was also an opportunity for the City to align the Zoning Code with recent State legislation regarding accessory dwelling units and density bonus.
  • Phase 3 will focus on remaining zoning map revisions.  This effort is being targeted for spring 2020; however, recent State legislation (Senate Bill 330) will impact which properties are included and the exact timing.  This legislation limits certain types of rezoning for residential properties in response to the State Housing Crisis.

For More Information

For more information about the Zoning Consistency Program, contact:

Planner on Duty: 916-478-2265
Christopher Jordan, AICP
Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation

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