Speed Control Program

Public safety is a high priority for the City of Elk Grove, and we want to make sure our streets and neighborhoods are safe. That's why the Elk Grove City Council adopted a Speed Control Program on July 11, 2018 that allows residents to work with city staff to identify tools to address speeding in your neighborhoods.

The Speed Control Program allow for the evaluation of a series of signage and striping changes that can be made to road that may address the speeding issues that are identified as Level One options.

If Level One alternatives are not effective or feasible, or staff determines that they would not be effective then speed humps (Level Two) might be an option.  Prior to the City evaluating speed humps a petition by residents must be submitted that shows 75% of the residents are in favor of installing humps.  The Speed Control Guidelines has the full eligibility criteria.

If you have questions regarding the Speed Control Guidelines, please contact our Public Works Department at (916)478-2256.

View Speed Control Program Full Guidelines

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