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Street Use Permits

COVID-19 Change in service: Street Use Permits will not be issued while orders are in place prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people. Permit applications must be submitted electronically or by mail. Contact: (916) 627-3433, Valerie Brown or Amittoj Thandi

Street Use Permits are required for organized activity within public streets. Examples of these activities include street parades, races, and block parties. There are two categories of Street Use Permits: (1) Special Event, and (2) Block Party.

Street Use Permit: Special Event

A Street Use Permit – “Special Event” is required when residents or businesses want to temporarily limit access or close a public street for a special event (i.e. homecoming events, running events, dances, music festivals).

Apply for a Special Event Permit View Permit Fees

Street Use Permit: Block Party

A Street Use Permit – “Block Party” is required when residents want to close a street for the purpose of a neighborhood celebration or gathering.

Please allow 60 calendar days for processing.

Apply for a Block Party Permit View Permit Fees

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