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Elk Grove Creek Foul Odor Due to Drought Conditions, Early Rain

Posted: 10/24/2014

The City of Elk Grove has received numerous calls from residents about a pungent odor emanating from Elk Grove Creek between Laguna Springs Drive and Emerald Vista Drive. The City of Elk Grove Public Works Department and Sacramento Area Sewer District immediately investigated the conditions and found there is no reason for alarm and no indications of sewer issues in the area.

Organic materials, such as grass, mulch and leaves gathered in the creek during an unseasonably dry spring and summer, accumulating in the creeks and underground system. Typically spring showers would move the material downstream to dilute the organic material, but the lack of rainfall this year didn’t allow this process to take place.

Water from the rainstorm several weeks ago sent the organic material into the stream, resulting in the foul smell. The water is evaporating and the odor is improving. Crews will clear pathways in the creek this week to further accelerate the process.

Residents with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the City of Elk Grove at (916) 687-3005.

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