Flood Preparedness

Please note: Important storm, flood and sandbag information will be noted here. Please check back for current updates or sign up for wireless and email alerts.

Information about sandbag distribution can be found on the Sandbag Distribution webpage.

If you're planning ahead for the next storm, the City encourages you to utilize local home improvement stores for sandbags. The City's supply is intended for emergencies and emergency flood fighting.

If you have an urgent need for sandbags and self-serve supplies are no longer available at our remote sites, please call our maintenance hot line at (916) 687-3005.

Are You Ready for Storm Season?

Before Mother Nature brings on the rain we so desperately need, be sure you're prepared. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Help keep storm drains free of leaves and debris during rains, and put leaves and other yard debris in your yard waste container (Gray Cart). The City will provide extra leaf sweeps as needed during the fall.
  • If your property has a history of flooding, purchase sand and sandbags at a hardware or home improvement store—before the storm hits. Be prepared for the worst, as only a limited number of sandbags may be available at City distribution sites in anticipation of heavy rainfall and severe, widespread flooding.
  • Report storm-related hazards to the City or your utility provider. Contact the City about flooding, high creek levels, fallen trees or limbs, clogged storm drains or culverts, traffic signals or street lights out, street signs down, or downed power lines.
  • Most importantly, stay away from downed or sagging power lines, streetlights, or traffic signals, and any debris that might be entangled with them—they could be deadly!

Report hazards to your utility provider or by calling 911.

Additional information for flood control:

Emergency Contact Numbers

Utility agencies have personnel to handle emergency calls 24 hours a day.

Storm Drain Flooding
Public Works (24-hour service number) (916) 687-3005
Broken Water Lines
Elk Grove Water Service (916) 685-3556
Sacramento County Water Agency (916) 875-7246
Broken Sanitary Sewer Lines
Daytime number (916) 875-6730
After hours: (916) 875-5000
Malfunctioning Traffic Signals or Street Lights
Public Works (24-hour service number) (916) 687-3005
General Emergency Numbers
SMUD (888) 456-7683
Police/Fire Emergency 911
Elk Grove Police Department (Non-Emergency) (916) 714-5115
Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Department (916) 405-7100
Public Works (916) 687-3005
Caltrans (530) 741-5474
PG&E 24-hour Emergency and Customer Service (800) 743-5000
PG&E 24-hour Power Outage Information (800) 743-5002

Report hazards to your utility provider or by calling 911.

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