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LED Street Light Installation Project

Existing (HPS) vs. Energy Efficient (LED)

The City of Elk Grove has completed the conversion of all of its 12,000 streetlights to energy-efficient LEDs, bringing down energy costs and electricity usage for the City. The citywide conversion will deliver a long-term energy and cost savings by reducing power consumption and limiting maintenance costs.

Implementation of the project was separated into two phases. Phase 1, which was completed in January 2015, converted all of the City's nearly 10,000 common type streetlights. Phase 2, which was completed in August 2016, converted all of the City's 2,000+ decorative streetlights.

Pilot Project

Phase 1
Phase 1

Phase 2
phase 2

Before and After Phase 1

New LED street lights are Dark-Sky compliant and reduce light pollution. The advantages of reducing light pollution include an increased number of stars visible at night, reducing the effects of unnatural lighting on the environment, and cutting down on energy usage.

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